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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 314354.

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In the frame of METPEX (MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger EXperience) project, the General Assembly was held on 7th-8th May in Stockholm. The meeting was organized by KTH and took place at the University premises. The two-day consortium meeting was led by the coordinator from Coventry University and was attended by the […] | 11.05.2015 | More

Save the date! METPEX Conference: Improving passengers’ experience in public transport Thursday 10 September 2015 Brussels, European Economic and Social Committee | 11.03.2015 | More

Help us improve the quality of your journey! Join the  METPEX survey       | 15.09.2014 | More

sbNavi(tm), the SBOING Navigator, ver 1.2 for iOS, is now available from iTunes! | 21.08.2014 | More

Survey: Your Journey, Your Experience, Help us improve it!! | 23.07.2014 | More

SBOING won the 15.000 euro award of the LDA Competition with the sbCliMate app, an add-on to sbNavi™, the SBOING navigator | 30.04.2014 | More

SBOING presented as an example of HiTech FEM opportunity at MIT Sloan | 27.04.2014 | More

So far, the international SBOING patent for “improved routing through crowdsourcing” has been granted in the USA, EU, Australia and China and is still pending in India and Israel. | 08.04.2014 | More

The technical meeting and the eighteen-months’ period review of the METPEX project (MEasurement Tool to determine the quality of Passenger EXperience) was concluded on 2nd April 2014 in Valencia, Spain. The two-days Meeting and the one-day Review, was attended by approximately 20 Consortium Members from the research teams of the 16 European partner organizations of […] | 07.04.2014 | More

  METPEX Project attended at the H2020 Transport Infoday in Brussels (Smart, Green and Integrated Transport), F.K. Liotopoulos presented SBOING and participated in the H2020 Transport Brokerage event. | 19.12.2013 | More